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Lim Guan Eng said 'It was typo' to explain discrepancy in costing

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Add up four items from 1 to 4 is 4.08 billion. I do not know which number is wrong due to typo.

The initial costing of 4.08 billion raised to RM6.30 billion is due to TYPO is truly a mind boggling issue in any country except in China and North Korea.

BN politicians are greedy and corrupt, they always avoid to answer the costing question. But “Typo” is never a better answer than no answer.

Typo reply is fully reserved for another FXXX remark.

Action needed on shocking cost hike on tunnel

FMT LETTER: From Ong Eu Soon, via e-mail

While others took years to plan for tunnel related projects, Lim Guan Eng with little or virtually no knowledge on tunnelling took only months to plan. The tunnel had been sought under the pretext of easing congestion on the island, but the exit point of the tunnel at Gurney Drive threatens to turn the place into a choke point in the island’s transportation network.

In his speech to investors at the Penang Investment Seminar on Sept 13, 2011 at Rasa Sayang Hotel, Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has shared the mega infrastructure projects […]