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How Taiwanese green environmentalists fool their counterparts in Bodohland?

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I help you, you help me

Bodohland’s Green NGOs should call up more protests in Taiwan if they are sincere in global environmental protection and helping Taiwanese from the lifespan shortening by 23 days.

Why Taiwan government has changed its mind now?

President Ma could change his earlier NO to KuoKwang decision because he is no longer has to bait the votes after his second term of presidency. He understood the investment is very important to Taiwan’s heavy industry future development and spin-off economical effects.

Those idiots believe President Ma is a pro-green politician should wake up and eat the humble pie now.

KuoKwang Petrochemical Technology Company has decided to move back high value-added downstream products to Taiwan for an obvious reasons, that is money matters.

Why Taiwanese green environmentalists are silent now?

If they did not instigate Green Piss NGOs in Bodohland to object KuaKwang’s projects in Pengerang, how on earth the Taiwanese company can find its way back to Taiwan?

The local green piss NGOs should be celebrated with fireworks because of more local people are born to be fishermen and farmers with a menial income.

These green piss […]