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Size does matter

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The study reveals penis size does matter to women subconsciously, although your wife or girlfriend may say otherwise to save your ego. This phenomenon is no different with a big breast size does matter to men.

Penis size does matter to women, say researchers

Study using computer images of men confirms females prefers those who are well-endowed

The eternal question of whether penis size matters to women has been studied by a team of international scientists who reported that, yes, ladies do find larger men more attractive.

What’s more, prehistoric women who could see the sex organs of their scantily clad male counterparts may have helped influence the evolution of larger genitals in men by choosing to mate with partners who were bigger.

Researchers said they decided to tackle the topic because past studies had offered conflicting answers, and may have been sullied by asking the women too directly. “Since penis size is a sensitive subject, it’s hard to determine whether females lied or “self-deceived” in their responses,” lead author Brian Mautz, a researcher in evolution and sexual selection at the University of Ottawa, Canada, said.

So they embarked on a new […]