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New gadget :: Penveu interactive whiteboard device

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This new gadget may be an viable replacement for expensive electronic whiteboard sold in the market.

Penveu is what the company calls an “interactive whiteboard in a box.” At $500 (for the education market), and $700 for businesses, the device is a small, handheld tool that comes with the functionality of a mouse, and which can write (digitally) on any surface, from almost any distance. It can write in different colors, erase, and highlight anything in a presentation. Based in part on technology previously used for satellites, cruise missiles, and smart bomb navigation, Interphase calls the device “rocket science in the palm of your hand.”

Each Penveu contains a high-speed camera, 12 accelerometers, three gyroscopes, and three magnetometers, all so that it knows where it’s pointing. The image shown on the screen or TV, or on the wall (from a projector) has more than 200 targets embedded on it, and the camera in the device can see them, honing in on specific pixels, allowing the user to write or draw right where they want, from anywhere in a room.