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Who is gangster? BN or PR in the Perak State Assembly

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The legality of the Assembly is tainted with these actions by BN

– Deputy Speaker from a running dog, Hee Yit Fong has no power to take over the role of Speaker before V. Sivakumar is removed as a speaker.

– Police removed V. Sivakumar by force is raping the power of legislative institute.

This is an illegal coup against the power of rakyat. The coup by BN is a black history in Perak and Malaysia.

After The Chaotic State Assembly Sitting, What Next In Perak?

By Ahmad Fuad Yahya

IPOH, May 7 (Bernama) — After today’s incident, which stained the sanctity of the august Perak State Legislative Assembly as a result of the hype stirred by the opposition members, the people are asking, what’s going to happen next?

To think that the political crisis in the state has ended with the removal of V. Sivakumar, from DAP, as State Assembly Speaker, and the appointment of Datuk R. Ganesan, from MIC, as the new Speaker, is a far cry.

Obviously, the opposition will not accept Ganesan’s appointment nor other motions tabled and passed by the State Assembly today, which will leave the situation at […]