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Malaysians are trigger-happy...shot everything!

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Shot to death: A department official showing the carcass of the tiger that was shot dead in Kampung Ulu Damaq in Sungai Bayor yesterday.

Before is police shooting people, now is Rela shooting tiger.

I came across a true story when a tiger was shot dead in Kepong jungle at Northern Johor many years ago after local hunters encountered a wild tiger in the jungle. They had to kill the tiger because their hunting dogs refused to back down. I doubt Wildlife Department and media knew about this incident.

Malaysia to probe killing of tiger

(AFP) – 10 hours ago

KUALA LUMPUR — Malaysian wildlife authorities said Wednesday they are investigating the killing of a three-year-old tiger as the country battles to double the population of the endangered species.

The tiger was killed in northern Perak state Tuesday after a villager claimed it attacked his poultry and asked a member of the government’s volunteer force to shoot the animal, The Star newspaper reported.

The killing comes as Malaysia tries to double its tiger population to 1,000 by 2020. There are only 500 wild tigers left in peninsula Malaysia, a sharp decline from an […]