Terrorism >>>

Perkasa declares war against Christians

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The judicial judgement in the High Court to allow Allah in the Malay language newspaper is still hold unless it’s overturned by the Appeal Court.

Besides the contempt of court, PM Najib and his Cabinet are deemed to consent with Perkasa to declare war against Christians if no stern legal action is taken against Perkasa Chief for declaring war against Christians.

Patrik Teoh was questioned by MCMC for his offensive remarks against Islam and UMNO Youth urged the stern action is taken against him.

I hope no double standards in the enforcement of law.

Be prepared for more threats from Perkasa because Ibrahim Ali and Mahathir have sensed that BN will lose in the GE13.

You have two choices,

First is to submit to terrorism and vote BN to live in peace with Perkasa.

Second is to learn Arab people in Middle East to stand up against tyrannical regimes and vote for PR (Reminder: PR can be another rotten apple, babbled and impotent Kuamintang in Taiwan).

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