Terrorism >>>

Perkasa and Perkida Malay gangsters running wild again

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Watch out these Malay fascist groups carefully, they do not shy to kill Chinese if the opportunity comes to them. Malaysian police also too scare to touch them.

They had using violence against protesters in Bandar Mahkota Cheras and no action was taken against Perkida Malay gangsters.

Rwanda massacre happened due to a small group Hutu radicals started the killings. Same thing can happen in Malaysia if police is impotent to check these Malay right wing groups.

Selayang councillor bashed up, claims attackers wore Perkasa T-shirts

SELAYANG: A group of men allegedly bashed up Selayang Municipal Council (MPS) councillor Lim Ching How and his assistant Zuhudi Ahmad during their visit to Taman Industri Bolton in Batu Caves, about 11am Wednesday.

According to Lim, he went to the site after receiving a complaint that a signboard put up beside the community hall had been torn down.

“I parked the car about 50m away from the site and walked to the area. When I reached the site, I introduced myself as an MPS councillor and told a group of people gathered there that they were not suppose to take down the signboard.

“They started punching and […]