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Well done, Perlis MCA for rejecting songkok

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At least Perlis MCA has more principle than DAP Kedah, Penang and Selangor who vowed no songkok before they formed the government.

DAP politicians sworn they never wear songkok when they were still in the opposition in above mentioned states. Go read old Chinese newspapers if you forgot what DAP had said on songkok issue.

DAP exco and adun members all wearing songkok after 308 was telling a truth that DAP politicians got zero principle. Talk is cheap for DAP.

DAP should apologize to Chinese community for flip-flopping its long fought original doctrine.

I and several coursemates boycotted our graduation convocation for refusing to wear songkok because we believed in DAP’s no-songkok holy campaign.

Do you think I still believe any bullshit from DAP again after this incident?

The songkok was replaced with normal graduation rectangular several years later because of our boycott and sacrifice.