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Very depress after this balik kampung trip

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The first generation of villagers passed away at the rate of one person per week. Today another two villagers, one is first generation old folk and another one is second generation middle age man.

My new village lost 50-60 villagers every year due to natural process. The mortality rate is higher than birth rate, meaning the village population is shrinking over the years.

Feel very upset after thinking of these phenomena,

Chinese population is forecast to be only 5% by 2050 is irreversible trend. I do not think I live that long to see this phenomenon.

99.99999999% of population will come and go without leaving a trait in the history like a dust particle. The fact is almost all of us do not know who is our great grandparent. Nobody will remember who we are in the next couple of years unless you are prominent humankind like Mandela, Mother Teresa, Mahathir, Lee Kuan Yew, Nobel Price Winners, etc.