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How aggresive Singapore grabs talents from Malaysia?

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Blank cheque for university enrollment for a talented Chinese student from Penang

Phillip Yeoh of Singapore Economic Development Board who visited Penang Chief Minister, Lim Guan Eng was invited to attend an award ceremony for the winners in the Olympic Mathematics and World Olympic robotics competitions. A team from Chung Ling Secondary School won the gold price in the Robotics Competition in Manila Philippines.

He wondered why Singapore spent a big sum of money on kiasu students but still lost to students from a private school run with a shoe string budget.

Philip Yeoh promised to these students that they are free to enroll in any course of their choice in the Singapore Universities by attaching his name card together with their application forms.

Malaysia is still a developing nation while Singapore is already in the developed nation status.


– Malaysia is a top talent exporter and also a top cheap labor importer in the world.

– Chinese talents are still categorized as pendatang or immigrant. UMNO only interested to import talents from Muslim countries like Iran and Pakistan.