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PKR is stink as UMNO...this is new scandal in Kedah

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We all know BN representatives are asking 30% kickback for all public fund allocation to NGOs, Chinese temples, etc. I have investigated cases in my new village, and confirm this is not hearsay in internet.

This kickback tradition is not a news anymore unless you are a bookworm living in the closet.

DPM Muhyiddin distributed about one million ringgit to NGOs in my new village during this CNY. 30% kickback means RM300,000 public fund will go into the pockets of MCA and UMNO’s agents.

At least MCA still got basic integrity for not asking any kickback for public fund allocated for Chinese schools.

Kedah PKR adun and his representative (or consultant) was alleged to ask for 10-30% kickback from state fund allocation to Chinese schools in Kedah.

PKR is outdone UMNO and MCA in corruption.