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Abolish highway toll is a bad idea

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I say abolishing Plus Highways toll in the Pakatan Rakyat’s Orange Book is a bad idea.


Using public money to buy over the highways and then make it toll free for all to use. In theory, it’s a logic and fair policy after the operator raked in billions of profit from a lopsided concession.

My question is who are the PLUS highways frequent users? Not all Malaysians especially from the rural and East Malaysia benefiting from free toll highways.

It may ends up 90% Malaysians who are rare PLUS highway users are subsidizing businessmen, bus express operators, and some lucky Malaysians with access to PLUS highway. People like me may only use PLUS highway during CNY “balik kampung” and a few holiday trips to Melaka and Penang in a year.

If you believe the goods price will drop after toll free exercise, I bet you are probably wrong. Our greedy businessmen will NEVER cut goods price due to cost savings from any new public policy like the petrol price drop as we saw in the past. No exception in toll free case, we will only see price always goes up trend.

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