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PM Najib is Prime Minister for Malay, Indian, Dayak, Kadazan, etc. except Chinese

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Instead of sending a strong protest (or even pull out from BN) agains PM Najib’s remarks, MCA is again polishing UMNO’s ball to keep two ministerial posts given to them.

MCA, let stop living like a beggar. This is main reason you are rejected outright by Chinese for no holding political principle.

Basically PM Najib was telling we Chinese that he is a Prime Minister for all races, except Chinese because we did not vote for BN in the general election.

I should stop calling him PM Najib, but Encik Najib because he is no longer a Prime Minister for Chinese.

Premiership is not appointed by BN or UMNO, but by our king. Najib discriminates Chinese out of political revenge is obviously against the oath he took when he was became Prime Minister. A PM must treat all rakyat (no longer voters after the general election) fairly and equally.

Can our king sacks him for discriminating Chinese?

Chinese had given BN the overwhelming support in 1999 and 2004 general elections. Did UMNO increase the number of minister posts for MCA to appreciate Chinese undivided support for BN?

After the election curtail was […]