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This allegation against police and rela is serious..Malaysia now is a rape land

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I tend to believe this story is closed to true. There are a number black sheep among the Malaysian police, they took the opportunity to rape and harass women refugees is just another Malaysia Boleh syndrome.

Malaysia is known as the second highest rape crime rate after South Africa. What do you expect for a nation administered by a super corrupt regime BN.

Women waiting in fear after refugee sex attacks in Malaysia

EXCLUSIVE by Geoff Chambers in Malaysia From: The Daily Telegraph June 03, 2011 12:00AM

REFUGEE women living in Malaysia are too afraid to leave their shanty homes for fear they will be sexually harassed and assaulted by police, with officials reporting such incidents are reaching “extraordinary levels”.

Some migrant women are forced to stay inside or travel in groups to avoid being singled out by police and RELA, the paramilitary corps.

While men are asked for a cash bribe when stopped, some police allegedly sexually harass and abuse women.

This is the frightening scenario awaiting refugees who will soon be sent from Australia to Kuala Lumpur under the federal government’s controversial refugee swap.

Malaysian opposition MP and foreign affairs spokesman […]