428 Bersih 3.0 >>>

428 Bersih Rally's riot is a plot by BN to discredit Bersih and PR

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More pointers and clues have popped up to conclude that 428 Bersih Rally’s Riot is a plot to discredit Bersih and Pakatan Rakyat.

Anwar was deliberately to fall into UMNO’s mouse trap because the damage and backlash on PKR is much lesser than UMNO under the out of control police rioting against news media, Bersih protesters, etc.

PKR should be well-informed and alerted by its insiders in the police about UMNO’s chess game on Bersih 3.0 Sit-in rally.

If Bersih 3.0 rally with a peaceful ending, Ambiga and Najib will be winners, but Anwar and Muhyddin will be losers for fence sitting voters.

I feel sorry to those Bersih supporters without political affiliation who took Bersih 3.0 rally as another cultural carnival and got whipped up by FRU and police at the end. Actually I was shocked when I saw a Chinese young mother brought a little baby in the trolley.

What was happened on 428 Bersih rally is an organized crime by Malaysian police and UMNO agents provocateurs to create FEAR among the Chinese.

Remember both PKR and UMNO are using you as a chip on a chess game. You may want to […]