Sabah Under Attack >>>

Sabah under attack :: What you do if suluk terrorists beheaded our policemen?

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It’s believed two policemen were captured, tortured and beheaded by Suluk terrorists during the ambush in Semporna. Malaysian government have covered up this violent and barbaric act committed by Suluk terrorists.

The terrorists wanted to create fear factor amongst our security forces.

This is the true story in Afghanistan, Taliban terrorists captured and beheaded Afghanistan soldiers.

Afghanistan soldiers revenged by beheading Taliban terrorists and warned Taliban that they will behead the same number of Taliban POW with the Afghanistan soldiers beheaded by them.

Taliban stopped the beheading practice after that because they also have the same fear of being beheaded alive.

The only way to stop Suluk terrorist beheading our people is to behead them when they are captured. If they behead two policemen, then let “unknown person” beheading two Suluk terrorists alive until they agree to stop this kind of terrorism.

Only terrorism can stop terrorism when you are facing terrorists.