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Ng Yen Yen always says foreign toursits like Malaysia because of Malaysians are very polite....another lie!

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I am fully agree with this survey, Malaysian are one of the most impolite people in the world.

Among the ten rudeness identified above, I have to admit that 90% time I did not push the trolley back to its parking bay after shopping. Another bad habit is squatting on public dirty toilet.

Proudly to say, I have observed other eight politeness indicators. Another observation not mentioned in the survey is most violators are Chinese and Indian.

More educated does not mean more civilized for young Malaysians.

We need this kind of KPIs if Malaysia wanted to be a civil society. PM Najib simply ignore this kind of soft skills urgently need to inculcate a harmonious and civilized society.

In my experience, Malaysian is still more polite than Indonesian and Mainland Chinese. Indiscriminate honking is too prevalent in Indonesia and China. Mainland Chinese steal toilet paper from the public toilets is a very common problem.

Kuala Lumpur ranked way down in Reader’s Digest latest appraisal Reports by YVONNE LIM,QISHIN TARIQ and CHRISTINA CHIN

PETALING JAYA: Some things do not seem to change in Malaysia and foremost among them are rudeness and […]