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Political fatigue syndrome in Malaysia

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The time and resources from BN and PR are mainly used for politicking instead of administrating and leading the country to a greater height.

Merely 100+ armed intruders can penetrate into Sabah like in no-man zone. More insulting is Malaysian government has to beg them to return home. I think Indonesia will conquer Malaysia within a week by sending 500 Kopassu commandos to invade Malaysia.

The date of poll should be fixed to a certain date to avoid speculation and guessing game by the rakyat. In fact, Lim Kit Siang has been wronged for umpteen times in forecasting GE13′s polling day. Uncertainty in polling day is bad to economy and investment climate.

BN and PR have erected party flags on the roadside all over the country before the official polling campaign period is announced by the Election Commission. Such irresponsible act is an offense under the Election Act.

The governing party itself has blatantly violating the law supposed to be safeguarded by them is a mockery for the rule of law. Inaction from the Election Commission against political parties is another insult on its mandate to ensure a free and fair electoral system […]