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Poverty in Johor is more severe than official report

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A census in Segamat conducted by The South East Asia Community Observatory, led by scientists from Monash University and the University of Copenhagen, about income and chronic disease of local population. The census is sanctioned by Johor government.

The sample size is 21736 residents with this ratio 55% Malay, 18% Chinese, 17% Indian, Orang Asli 3% and others 6%.

A major finding is 40.2% of local residents in Segamat cannot fork out RM 1,500 within 24 hours for emergency purpose. This 40% group is considered absolute poverty, but the national census says only 3.8% Malaysia households are below the absolute poverty.

A big portion of Malaysians are poorer than average GDP because of very uneven wealth distribution.

Gini Coefficient in Malaysia is the second highest in Asia and the highest in South East Asia, more serious than Cambodia and Laos. The bad news is the higher the coefficient, the wealth distribution is more uneven and unfair among the rakyat.

In plain language, 80% wealth in Malaysia is controlled by 15% rich people and the remaining 20% wealth is shared by 85% majority of poor people. The have group is 22 […]