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English should be used for maths and science in the secondary schools

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I’m not supporting English for mathematics and science (PPSMI) for the primary schools especially from the rural areas for three main reasons.

1. Poor grasp of English by students from the rural areas.

2. Lack of qualified teachers who can teach mathematics and science subjects in proper English.

3. Learning English must from learning the subject itself.

There are parents in the cities still wanted PPSMI to be continued and proposed to let the school to decide on whether mother tongue or English should be used based on the voting of parents or students. This proposal sounds democratic, but it’s also unfair to the minority and causing massive logistic issue to government.

There is no perfect solution to satisfy all stakeholders like the parents, students, politicians, educationists, etc.

English should be used for mathematics and science, not for enhancing English proficiency, but more on connecting our students with the technological world where English is still a dominant language in disseminating and acquiring technical and scientific knowledge.

The contention point here is when it’s a right cut-in timing for PPSMI?

In my humble opinion, English should be used for mathematics and science in the […]