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BN and PR like clones with almost same manisfestos, corruption and cronyism

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Ten points of BN’s manifesto for Selangor:

* Schooling aid and free transportation coupons for students of poor families * Free wifi and broadband services in selected areas * RM5,000 annually for residents associations in villages to build community activities * Setting up a rapid response team to tackle crime, accidents and disasters * Create a new economic zone near Port Klang * Turn Selangor into the first state in the country to achieve high-income economic status, as defined by the World Bank *Set up one-stop service centre to promote ease of doing business * Allocate one-off RM500 (S$200) payment to all newborns in the national education savings scheme * Modernise waste management and promote renewable energy * Additional cost of living assistance for single mothers

Malaysia will remain as a pariah state whether it’s under BN or PR after GE13 because politcians from BN and PR are sharing a common trait, greedy and corrupt.