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The worms are in the box, both BN and PR avoid to open the box

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BN and PR avoid to clean up these below worms for politically incorrectness.

1. Bumi equity is already more than 30%

Everyone knows the bumi equity in market value already more than 40%, the main issue is the wealth is controlled by a tiny group of bumi.

2. Bloated government services.

1.2 million public servants in a nation with 29 millions population is a number one world record. The number must be slashed to 600,000 to make it lean and mean organization.

Unfortunately, both BN and PR avoid the thorny issue.

3. GST or value added tax

PR claims it was a human error for omitting GST abolishment. The fact is no government will ignore GST as an effective tool to collect tax, PR is no exception.

Those people hope no GST under PR should read PR manifesto again to see any clause mentioning the GST.

4. English as a teaching medium in the school

Those people fighting hard to get back English for math and science shall realize BN and PR are the same. None of them is interested to introduce English as a teaching medium.

Ask yourself, how many politicians from […]