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My writings on the wall for GE13

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I see three main reasons BN will win in the next GE13, regains the 2/3 majorities is also possible.

1. Dirty electoral roll which favored BN.

PR may need 5% redundancy or extra votes to offset phantom votes, multiple votes, army and police postal votes, alien votes, etc.

2. Gerrymandering by the Election Commission

PR may need another 10% or even more redundancy to offset imbalanced constituent size in the rural and urban. Bumi voters carry more weights where UMNO is still in upper hand in the rural and suburban constituencies.

In laymen term, UMNO will get more seats from a same number of voters than DAP or PKR gets in the urban constituencies.

3. PR own making

PR own infighting, Trojan horses, weak performance, broken promises and big head syndrome. I do not simply say this, I have archived PR mistakes and white elephant projects in the blog.

Hudud laws become a hot potato because PAS senses its will lose Kelantan if PAS is keeping silence on Islamic state. Nik Aziz is desperate to regain supports from the Malay conservatives.

DAP is in deep dilemma now, staying with PR […]