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Pressure cooker is good for energy saving and nutrition preservation

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Good and cheap pressure cookers are hard to find in Malaysia. I cannot find pressure cooker from the supermarkets and hypermarkets around Cheras area.

A local electrical appliances chain has electric pressure cookers with pricing from RM300 to RM800. But I prefer normal pressure cooker for lesser maintenance and can be used on the induction and gas cooking hobs. I set and control cooking timing with the induction hob.

This pressure cooker (RM249) is purchased from an international furniture hypermarket in Damansara Utama. You go figure out the company name yourself.

Besides saving energy and cooking time from 1/2 to 2/3 magnitude, the nutrition values of food are preserved better than normal cooking method.

My beef curry soup cooking time is reduced from three hours to one hour and saved about RM0.50 electricity bill for each cooking.

It takes about two years for ROI if your cooking time in the kitchen are three hours each day. My ROI break-even is much longer due to lesser cooking hours.

The next improvement is to buy a new type of pressure cooker from Japan where no water is needed to cook any food. Such cooker […]