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Beggar can earn more than manager

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Chinese beggars who ran away from the syndicate

The China press front page news (in Chinese language) reported that Mainland Chinese beggars can beg and earn up to at least RM500 a day in Malaysia for 19 long working hours.

They earn at least RM15,000 a month which is higher than many managers in the local private companies.

I can testify this news report is true. I did my own investigation on how much a beggar can make by counting a handicapped beggar’s collection who was sitting at the exit of JB old customs checkpoint. My 30-minute sampling data found out more than RM60 was collected by the beggar.

Malay women are the more generous people in giving out free money. I saw a Malay lady donated RM10 without any hesitation.

By using simple arithmetic, in one hour the beggar can collect RM120, and 8 hours can collect up to RM960. Therefore, RM500 per day is an achievable and easy target for beggars.

The beggars are controlled by the syndicate, please do not donate a single cent to them even you are a good heart person. More donations will create more […]