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Indonesian men fxxx orang utan

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The presumption is the news I read is true because I still cannot come to a term that there are human beings called Indonesians who fxxing a female orang utan named Pony. Wanna vomit after I read the news yesterday.

Have emailed The Borneo Orangutan Conservation Foundation to verify the news is real or hoax.

The hideous story about female orang utan, Pony was made sex slave by Indonesians already in Youtube since 2007, the news seemed is real one. Somehow this old news is popped out again in China news media recently which I have grasped it.

Chinese news,

Indonesians still deny there were gang raped against Chinese girls in the street during the Jakarta riots. But this prostitution incident with orang utan by Indonesian villagers have proved they are evils beyond imagination. Only Japanese will beat them in crime against humanity.

Indonesian police took over a year to rescue orang utan, Pony from the villagers.

That There Is No God and Humans Are Essentially Evil By Jack Adams

Pony before [inset] and after. Photos courtesy of the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation

Meet Pony. She is an […]