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A truth behind PSD scholarships scandal

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This Chinese student from Sarawak was denied any PSD scholarship as promised by PM Najib. This is just a tip of the iceberg.


There are three things people do not know or ignore about this issue. MCA and UMNO both are trying to be hero for their own races at the expense of Malaysia.

1. Very limited overseas scholarships for second class citizens, Chinese and Indians. Only 14% of total seats (MARA plus PSD) is allocated for 32% population non-bumi students. Demand is much over strip than supply!

Not surprisingly, many 9A+ Chinese students will not given any scholarships if they have no political backing. My nephew with 9A+ and 2A- in SPM ended up in a local secondary school for STPM.

2. PSD interview selection process is questionable. I doubt the interview is conducted professionally by the panel, mostly from Malay officials.

I attended UPM selection interview when I finished SPM in 80s. I knew exactly how racist they are. Please read my real story at the below post.

3. Only 16% overseas scholarship candidates after finishing their study and come back to serve Malaysia. In other word, […]