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MCA should ask and answer these questions

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1. 4D betting is legalized many years ago, but illegal 4D syndicates are still rampant as before.

2. If economic factor is the main thrust in legalizing sports betting, why only Chinese and non-Muslims are allowed to participate?

Developed countries can manage sports betting because their government is not corrupt as BN government.

MCA backs legal sports betting

KUALA LUMPUR: Sports gaming should be allowed but it must be regulated and strictly managed.

“MCA proposes strict and stringent conditions to be imposed in sports betting, including the age of punters, operating hours and others,” said party president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek.

He said in developed countries, sports gaming industries were well managed and regulated.

“They have been rather successful in dealing with social ills that arise as a result of excessive betting.

“The Government should conduct an in-depth study of legalised sports betting in other countries,” said Dr Chua at a press conference after chairing the MCA presidential council meeting here yesterday.

At the same time, the Government must conduct public awareness and education programmes on the social ills of gambling.

“MCA discourages any form of betting. It is well-known that the […]