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China Communist is here! Psychiatric treatment for people detained by police

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Police sent this Sarawakian, Kor to psychiatric department in the general hospital for a forceful treatment.

What is next?

Those 50,000 protesters in the Bersih 2.0 rally must be suffered with psychiatric illness also, otherwise how on earth they asking for a fair and clean electoral system for PR.

Look, UMNO is copying China communist way of suppressing its people. The longer UMNO stays in power, the more suppressions on rakyat.

The letter from the UMNO merchandised doctors to Mr. Kor said these,

“He was admitted to HKL (psychiatric ward) on 22/7/2011 with history of demonstrating at Jalan Ampang as he is the supporter of ‘Bersih’”

“He also paranoid towards the government since 10 years.”

“These were the 3rd times he was arrested by police due to demonstration Bersih”。

Those Bersih demonstrators are better aware that you can be sent to psychiatric ward for demonstrating against BN government.

This is another solid reason UMNO-led BN must be kicked out if we do not want to be treated like China dissidents with free psychiatric treatments.