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Poor execution in the public projects

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A good project is defined as a well executed project, meeting measurable KPIs with the minumum cost to taxpayers.

Either in the news or our experiences say most of the pubic projects in Malaysia are not meeting customers’ expectation. It’s a norm, no longer exception that public projects cannot completed on time, in poor quality and workmanship and over budget. For examples, Terengganu State Stadium, KTM Electric Train System, etc.

Hardly I can find any public projects meeting these KPIs: on-time, good quality and within budget.

Why poor execution often happens in those public projects funded by taxpayers’ money?

Firstly, poor scope and documentation in the tender stage. Its objectives and scope are not clearly defined.

Secondly, poor or wrong selection of contractors in closed tender. This stage often is tainted by corruption and political cronysm.

Thirdly, poor supervision of project’s progress. This stage is also prone to corruption and poor trained personnel.

All go back to basics, we need a clean government and capable bureaucrats to ensure all public projects are properly executed and completed on time, within the budget and in good quality.