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Who says Chinese is a second class citizen?

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Now I realized Chinese and Indian students are so stupid who cannot compete with Malays.

Malays are so smart, until they occupy 72.4% in the public universities!

We Chinese with 25% population only can take up 9.62% share. I have to admit Chinese is unable to compete with Malay, therefore, affirmative action should be channeled to Chinese and Indian to balance the racial imbalance in the public universities.

Another fact is those foreign students are mostly from Muslim countries.

MCA innovative solution is asking Chinese parents to subsidize Malay and foreign students in our public universities and send their children to private funded universities with their pocket money like UTAR.

Malaysian Chinese should not called themselves Chinese, we should call ourselves Buddha for sacrificing so much for 1Malaysia.

Who says Chinese is a second class citizen? Chinese actually is a forth class citizen after first class Malay, second class East Malaysia bumi and third class foreigner. I think Indian is fifth class. Shocking facts on institutionalised racism against the Indian poor


From Sambu Lingam, via e-mail

Malaysian Indians are the third largest ethnic community in the country, thus we […]