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USM is a loser

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USM is having sour grape and “jaguh kampung” mindset.

When USM was in the top 200 ranking in QS ranking, they accepted it. When they are kicked out from top 200 later, USM blamed QS ranking is worthless and absurd.

Our varsities good, no matter what others say

I READ with disbelief “Hard work pays dividend for UM” (The Star, Oct 11), where the writer says that “USM … is a real disappointment and certainly did not live up to its (Apex) status.”

I am a lecturer at USM’s School of Education and I guess the time has come for us to follow USM’s motto – “We Lead” – and start educating the Malaysian public about The Times Higher Education Ranking, or any other ranking for that matter, and help people to realise what an absurd ranking it is.