Race Relations >>>

Muhyiddin and UMNO mouthpieces always pick the shits from bloggers as truth

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When you point your fingers to others, three fingers pointing to yourself.

Many baseless accusations against opposition are originated from pro-UMNO bloggers like kickdefella, etc. and published as a truth in the newspapers and TV stations the following days.

The latest is a DAP Malay senate was accused by pro-UMNO bloggers to say racial slur against public servants. Muhyiddin picked up the shit and made it like a truth.

Two gangs from different races fighting in the street is a normal street crime, but most Malaysians will relate it to racial clash. This is not a rumor, it’s a NEP-conditioned perception.

I went through a horrific story in 1977 when a 16-year Malay girl was raped and murdered gruesomely in the rubber estate by a Chinese middle age man from my village. The girl’s father is a few Malays who have Chinese friends and I knew him since my childhood days. He stopped to visit my village after the incident.

The Chinese man was arrested several years at Johor Bahru and sentenced to jail.

The crime case was turned into a racial hatred issue, and a racial riot almost broke up, but […]