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There was a racist doctor in Hospital Universiti Malaya

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Those racist doctors have to be fired from practicing medical profession.

This is old story happened in four or five years ago, my elder brother phoned me to inform me that a Malay female doctor in hospital UM was using a ball pen to diagnose his numb hand. The result is no illness except my brother got nothing to do for visiting the hospital.

My elder brother suffered a minor stroke a few months later.

I told my brother complaining to me is useless, I asked him walked straight to hospital UM main office and complained the incident to the head of hospital. The hospital authorities was surprised for having a racist and “religious” doctor in the hospital who cannot touch another man other than her husband with her bare hand.

UM hospital wrote a letter to apologize to my brother for the incident. I am not sure what action is taken against the Malay female doctor.

Submit evidence on racist doctor: Guan Eng

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