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Why Anwar to launch illegal rallies against the results of GE?

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Why PKR refuses to obey 10-day rule for the rally?

I understand the rally is to protest frauds in the GE13 which I fully supported. But why Anwar and PKR always stubbornly refuse to inform police 10-day in advance for the rallies?

There is inferior motive behind it, Anwar is hoping BN government losing the patient and order the police to crack down on the rallies.

The desired outcome is some PR protestors get killed by the police and thus it ignites the fire for the Arab spring movement to topple BN government.

Do not say I do not warn you that you are a chess chip in a dirty political game played out by PR and BN.

We want change peacefully in the ballot box and NOT being manipulated by any political party and put you in risk of being killed in any illegal gathering.