Rapeland >>>

Welcome to Rape Land ! This is sin world under BN....Criminals have no fear to grab and rape young girls in broad daylight

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Kuala Lumpur is like Jakarta in early 80s where criminals have no shy to rape girls in the broad daylight.

Suharto had to order his army to kill suspected criminals on the spot as an extraordinary measure to stop such crime from spreading like wild fire.

It’s time to follow Indonesia in 80s to order army to shot dead those criminals without mercy.

You may say this is a rule by laws, unlawful, inhumane and barbaric in nature for extrajudicial killings.

What else you can do when the police you trusted fail miserably to protect your daughters and Malaysian female from sex violence?

Extrajudicial killing is still a modus operandi to fight crime in Indonesia now. Drug dealers in Indonesia are made disappear permanently if they defy the warning given to them to stop the business immediately.

Malaysian drug dealers in Indonesia have to run away to save their lives after ex-President Megawati’s daughter drug abuse was exposed.

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