Lynas Issue by Dr. HW Looi >>>

Reply to Malaysiakini readers' comments on Kuantan doc trashes concerns over Lynas' radioactivity

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Disclaimer: My name is nkkhoo, (blog @, I am not a paid supporter for Lynas. I only a person who support facts and logical thinking.

I have appealed for a long time to any anti-Lynas NGO to buy a terrace house next to Lynas plant for me to stay there as a guinea pig to prove my belief that the Lynas plant is safe for human beings.

As a neutral person on Lynas issue, I have opened a column for Dr. HW Looi in my blog to debate and rebut any concerns on his viewpoints.

Anti-Lynas advocators have always avoided to answer and rebut these seven questions from Lynas scientist. These critical info are hiding from aunties and uncles who cannot read and understand English and radioactivity subject.

1. Radiation from the plant will be undetectable outside the boundaries;

2. None of the materials have to be signposted as ‘radioactive’ for transport – as per international regulations, since 1996;

3. In accordance with international guidelines, the plant can be allowed to operate pretty much anywhere in the world with minimal regulation;

4. Vast majority of tailings will have only half of […]