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Malaysia is a black heart food market like China

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The used cooking oil is poured into a filtration container for filtration, "cleaning," deodorisation and bleaching. On the left is Frederick Deo. Photo courtesy: Sin Chew Daily

There are three problems I see in cooking oil scandal in Bolehland,

1. Used cooking oil collected from the restaurants supposed to be used for biodiesel processing only, but they are mostly ending up on the dining tables in your home, local hawker centers and restaurants.

> 1 kg cooking oil packaged with plastic bag is the most susceptible with recycled cooking oil.

2. Cooking oil is used repeatedly beyond the allowable cycle in fast food restaurants.

> This is another good reason to boycott fast food chains after the beating customer incident in KFC.

3. Roadside fried banana hawkers used the melted plastic straws to change over-used black color cooking oil back to its original fresh color.

> Don’t be fooled by the fresh color cooking oil in the wok.

Sin Chew special edition highlights the magnitude and seriousness of recycled cooking oil in Malaysia and its risk to public health.

Recycled cooking oil flooding local market

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