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Green Lifestyle :: Recycled Fan

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Why this table fan got two colors?

This fan is a recycled fan re-made from two damaged fans, one is 9-year old National-brand fan and another one is 2-year old Pensonic-brand fan.

Pensonic fan was made in China and its motor went kaput in about two years while made in Malaysia National-brand fan lasts for over ten years is a norm. I incidentally broke the stand for National fan during a rough transportation.

Instead of scrapped both fans, I have decided to tear down both fans, salvaged and reused the National fan’s motor unit and Pensonic fan’s stand. Re-soldered wires from the motor to Pensonic switcher in less than 15 minutes. Then re-assembled into a working unit in 10 minutes.

A recycled fan was born and lesser garbage disposal was achieved.

My new village home still has a 30-year old in good working condition National-brand fan. Japanese made products are truly reliable and amazing long shelf life.

Let’s embrace green lifestyle and save the earth for our future generations.

Reminder: Please ensure your safety first, don’t do it yourself IF you do not have technical knowhow to handle electrical wiring. […]