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Another good reason to say no to red meat burgers and fast food

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Besides the raw material used for burger is suspicious, the high temperature cooking also bad to our health.

A medical study conducted in Singapore on Chinese folks who take western food frequently has shown a strong correlation with high risk of diabetes and heart disease. []

‘Red meat cooked at high heat a cancer risk’

KUALA LUMPUR: The public should avoid eating red meat cooked at high temperature as the method poses a cancer risk.

According to National Cancer Society Malaysia (NSCM) president Dr Saunthari Somasundaram, consuming a high amount of such meat cooked in this way over a period of time could increase the risk of a person getting colon and breast cancer.

Cooking meat over high-temperature is normally done when one is pan frying or grilling the meat directly over an open flame.

She said meat cooked in this way produces a chemical known as Heterocyclic amines which is mutagenic, meaning it can damage the DNA thus raising the risk of one getting cancer.

She was asked yesterday to comment on a statement by Perak Consumers Association president Abd Rahman Said Alli that roadside stalls that cooked burgers over high heat […]