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Self-sifficiency in rice is still remaining a dream after 40 years

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Those people old enough like me know there was a Green Book Project in 70s when we students and teachers have to plant vegetables in the vacant land in the school.

The campaign was fun because we could learn how to grow various vegetables and consumed crops planted by our hands. Besides, it inculcated the spirit of team work for students and teachers.

The Green Book Project was mooted by late Tun Razak during the oil crisis when imported food prices were shooting up like a rocket.

Yet 40 year later, the country is still facing the same problem for relying on imported rice to feed its people. 1.85 billion alone was spent on importing rice last year, and more than 20 billion on other food imports.

The failure is mainly attributed to FAMA, a money wasting institute staffed by lazy and impotent public servants.

An Indonesian Minister said God has given everything to Indonesia, but its own people themselves screw up everything. This same harsh comment is applied to Malaysia under BN government.

This article is a good source to understand the rice production dilemma in Malaysia. Will Malaysia achieve […]