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Racial riot in Pekan Nenas?

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A total media blackout on this incident in The Star.

Racial harmony is too delicate in this country. A small quarrel between students from different races can be instigated into a racial conflict for no reason. Obviously, there is a dividing line and distrust sentiments amongst the races.

I did remember an incident during my form 5 in Sungai Mati Muar, two groups of Chinese and Malay students in a class of art stream were fighting until all tables and chairs are ruined into pieces. The racial incident was never reported to higher authorties by the school. Those students involved in the fighting were advised to keep silent to anyone.

You can see many hidden racists are still exsit in this country from the comments in this blog.

This man was asking crowd to cool down

Father beats teacher during scuffle Tue, Apr 21, 2009 The Star/Asia News Network

PONTIAN (Malaysia): A schoolteacher was beaten up during a scuffle with a parent who had come to the school to complain about a problem involving his son.

The incident came off a misunderstanding among several students at the school in Pekan […]