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The same street riot will happen in Malaysia, just waiting for it in Bolehland in future.

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Singapore is reserved for the riot because they brought in foreign workers like there is no tomorrow.

Vietnamese workers were rioting in my former apartment at Penang several years ago. They attacked Bangladesh workers stayed in the apartment after some frictions with them in the factory.

This is a wake-up call for Singapore and Malaysia also that foreign labor is a time bomb for domestic security.

Police in Singapore have made 27 arrests after hundreds of people took part in a riot sparked by the death of an Indian national.

Trouble started after the 33-year-old man was knocked down by a private bus in a district known as Little India.

About 400 people took to the streets, hurling railings at police and torching police cars and an ambulance.

At least 16 people were hurt, most of them police officers, before the violence was brought under control.

Police commissioner Ng Joo Hee said it was the first rioting in Singapore in more than 30 years.

He condemned the rioting as “intolerable, wanton violence”.

“It is not the Singapore way,” he added.

‘Criminal behaviour’

Pictures and videos posted in social media showed two […]