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Malaysian Chinese money was robbed again. RM207 billion for Death Railway compensation from Japan was missing !!!

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The war victims conscripted by Japanese Imperial Army to build a railway from Thailand to Myanmar are mostly Chinese.

Each war victim should have received RM2.5 to 3 million from RM 207 billion compensation from Japan.

Mahahtir is prime minister when the money was transferred to Malaysia. Anwar, the former finance minister claimed publicly that the money never sent to Treasury when he was finance minister.

If the money never went to Treasury account, it’s either parked at the private banks in Malaysia and overseas.

Those parents or grandparents are war victims in the Death Railway shall come forward and form a body to press BN government to return the money plus interests to them.

Anyway, none of my ancestors are victims in the death railway project.

Mahathir and Najib must answer where is the money now? If the claim by opposition party is false, BN government shall take legal action against PAS and Chua Jiu Ming for misleading rakyat.

Anwar: RM207b ‘not sent through Treasury’ Joseph Tawie | January 7, 2013

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