GDP >>>

> 80% of household earning is below RM3000 per month...mean what?

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Malaysia GDP per capita in 2010 is estimated at US$ 8,624 or RM 27144, it translates to RM 2262 per month. In my estimation, at least 75% Malaysian earning is below GDP per capita.

Through my qualitative analysis, 85% Malaysians are living with actual GDP of RM 5100 per annum.

In Najib’s ETP, a major KPI that is Gini coefficient is missing. Gini coefficient is a measurement of the distribution of income among the people or how even the national income is distributed.

Malaysia is the second worst in the fair and even income distribution in Asia.

RM500 handout candies is prove the income distribution is truly uneven.

Needy folk say RM500 aid will come in handy


KUALA LUMPUR: Many came by bus, others by motorcycle while a few walked to sign up for the RM500 aid given to households earning RM3,000 or less.

At Inland Revenue Board offices and several schools and other designated places, it was all smiles for recipients under BR1M, the Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia scheme.

Sivaranam Velayuthan, 61, said the money was very welcome, especially since he is now unemployed. He and […]