BN White Elephant >>>

BN White Elephant Project #2 :: RM6 billon per year for launching and official functions

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Government departments spend RM6 billion each year on all sorts of luxurious and wasteful launching ceremonies and official functions in the 5-star hotels, resorts, and other expensive bontique venues.

When Selangor PR spent 1 million for PKNS annual dinner, it was a political bombshell. And yet Malaysia mainstream newspapers again conveniently sidelined and hided the RM6 billion entertainment budget for the Federal government from the public knowledge.

Government departments can launch whatever public events in their sophisticated offices, and a plate of nasi lemak and a cup of Chinese tea are good enough for their guests and reporters.

The budget should not more than RM100 million for this kind of wasteful non-value added activities, yet they spend 6 billion each year like burning incense money.

Annual expenditure for wasteful functions: RM 6000 million

Total BN white elephant project monitored: 2

Accumulated cost: RM 7198 million. 1Malaysia = Rakyat diabaikan, Kakitangan kerajaan diutamakan.