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A whole family graduated from the Royal Military College

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The father and three sons from a Chinese family all are enrolled into RMC is a very rare case. My salute to Tan or Chan family, and his youngest son is top achiever in academic and marching. Mr. Tan himself was a best student for navy cadets and serving as a navy officer now.

The drawback is only 8 Chinese out of 236 students in last batch of cadet officials.

Malaysian Chinese should stop blaming BN government for 3.4% measly percentage in RMC. The military is looking for 30% non-bumi to join RMC, but Chinese and Indian themselves turn down the opportunity.

Military is an institution in Malaysia where race background is less emphasized.

US government used to provide four West Point scholarships worth USD 500,000 each before Mahathir became PM. US government decided to cancel the military aid program in mid-80s because of his anti-semitic and western rhetorics.