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Serve the road bullies right, but the driver who knocked them down will be charged

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I did meet a similar Chinese road bully case in Penang, who parked his car in the middle of the road to block my car and the whole road was jammed up. He accused me that I blocked his car in a junction where I was forced to stop my car at the junction due to traffic jam ahead.

I asked him to fight like a man if he wanted to take the law in his hand or make a police report on my car illegally stopped at the junction.

He chickened out and called in two Malay plaincloth policemen alleged to be his good friends to help him. I queried the policemen who is him to block out the whole road. The policemen ordered him to move away his car and closed the case instead of bring me to police station. No summons was issued to me for illegal parking on the junction.

`Road bullies’ run over on Penang Bridge Bernard Cheah

GEORGE TOWN (June 1, 2013): A road bully case which occurred at around midnight on the Penang Bridge turned ugly when a speeding car rammed into the road bullies, killing one […]