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Talibanization in Kangar, Perlis

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MPK since changed its tone to non-Muslim entertainment outlets have to apply for special permit during the month of Ramadan.

These “little Napoleon” UMNO officials are over zealous to transform Malaysia to another Taliban-like Muslim country.

Kangar Entertainment Outlets Not Allowed To Operate During Ramadan

KANGAR, July 22 (Bernama) — All entertainment outlets here including karoake centres must stop their operations during the month of Ramadan, said Kangar Municipal Council (MPK) president Rosli Mat.

He said the step was taken as a mark of respect for the holy month and that the council would be monitoring the activities of other businesses as well to ensure they carried out their operations according to regulations.

Besides this, MPK would also be stepping up enforcement operations to weed out unlicensed karaoke and cybercafe outlets, he told Bernama on Thursday.

He warned that stern action would be taken against those found flouting regulations.